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Originally Posted by masmole View Post
Initially, based on internet photos alone, I prefered the non-M exterior styling. But after actually seeing a bunch of X7 in person, I now definitely like M-sport better in almost every color. I do wish that on M-sport models with black paint, that there was an option for a matte bronze or similar contrasting trim for those who donít want an all-blacked-out M-sport look. The M-sportís shadowline black exterior trim does look great contrasting with alpine or mineral white exterior though.
I originally liked the Sport best too, but after looking at a million photos online, I came to dislike the black lower body trim on any color except black and gray. Once I decided to go with white, Sport was out. I’m also not a fan of the Luxury’s lower body chrome along the bottom of the doors, but on white, I like it better than the black trim. I wish they’d just nix that whole concept and keep that trim body color for both models.