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Our X7 is Arctic Grey, this is the first non-white car we purchased in quite some time so I must admit that the pics of your Mineral White X7 look really beautiful. This is also our first BMW so if it does well over the next two years we'll likely trade it on a X7 40i in white. Not that our Arctic Grey isn't beautiful, it is, but it is also a lot more work to keep it looking clean.

I see Mineral White is a metallic paint so I'm guessing Alpine White is non-metallic, correct?
Correct on the white comments. Looks stunning in white, it was our second choice for sure. I'm always tempted to get Alpine White on any BMW being the "official color" of BMW, but the metallic paint looks so good in the sun
We now have two white cars under our garage and I don't think we are going to back. Living Houston especially this time of year we have a lot of pollen and with our previous black cars they would stay clean for about 5min where the white car looks clean a lot longer.

The other thing I like about white cars is you don't have to be an expert to apply touch-up paint and have it look good. I had to touch up some road rash on my Glacier White Audi and the corrections are unnoticeable from 2 ft back.

If I did not get white the Arctic Grey would have been our second choice, the X7 is beautiful in that color also.