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Originally Posted by HapkidoNinja View Post
For what it's worth...

Two years as a teen studying Shotokan.
One year studying Kung Fu.
After military service, while at University, studied one more year of Shotokan, followed by one more year of Tae Kwan Do & Krav Maga. Shifted away from those and replaced it with 3 years of Ninjutsu.
Moved to Boston, added 1 more year of Shotokan and 4 more years of Ninjutsu. Started to get closer to 1st Dan and then moved out west.
Here I completed my first Dan in Hapkido, and added a half year of Aikido for fun.

In Ninjutsu and Hapkido we trained extensively unarmed and with both edged and non-edge weapons. My favorite weapon form is Korean double sword.

I have not been active in martial arts for about 10 years, following a non-related back injury. I have taken up target sports in the past year...
Hapkido is in my opinion one of the most complete Korean arts there is. Our Tang So Do instructed was also highly ranked in Hapkido, and would cross train us at times. He was a very prominent instructer in South Korea and taught on military bases. He also was a multiple time national champion over there, but one of the most humble guys you could ever meet.
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