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Call me crazy, but I still prefer the 40i.

My dream-configuration on the 40i is close to $110K so from a financial aspect, I could get a M50i as well if I wanted to but I simply share the opinion that the X7 will never be a performance sports-car, no matter how much power you put into it.

For me, the X7 is a luxury SUV focused on comfort.

The 40i has enough power for my needs, is well-balanced and offers a respectable MPG-rating.

The one thing I'm not sure about on the new M50i aesthetically are those goldish trim pieces but I will have to see them in real life first. So far, I prefer the all-black trim option on the M-Package and perhaps the combination of that with the upcoming black grille and exhaust trim.

Now if you really want performance AND need 3 rows, the M50i is probably as good as it gets.