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I'm little confused with below comment. So please see my comments below and let me know if you agree.

I have been running iOS 13 for a few weeks now since beta 1 release. CarPlay WideScreen (fullscreen) on ID5 does not work in iOS 13 or 12, without coding. Coding is required. I did pay to get it coded and have it working. I have posted in different thread on this.

I do have BimmerCode App but I was't aware of it supported coding from ID5 to ID6. I will look it up but if you are aware of forums, please PM me.

Agreed, I had to pay for it... it not available for Free. BMW dealer don't do it and BimmerCode says not possible when I reached out to them.

Agreed cosmetic change is nice.. if its just coding .. I would love to code.

Question: What ID model do you have?
As already mentioned, the patch is required to get fullscreen CarPlay working, even with iOS 13 Beta. I don't know the technical details of how the patch works other than it can only be obtained via paid coders at the current time.

Coding ID6 from ID5 can be done using BimmerCode (in Expert mode) or using a laptop w/E-Sys. Search for the specific coding parameters that need to be changed in the F30/F80 Coding forums or you can PM me for it. My car came from the factory with ID5. I recently updated the firmware (also called I-Step) in my car which updated the firmware in my iDrive head unit to NBTevo_P, which means my iDrive head unit can run the widescreen Carplay patch.
You did the iStep update yourself or at the dealer? I'm on NBTevo_L and trying to get to a version that supports full screen CarPlay.