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Originally Posted by pneumodoc View Post
So your connections improved when updating to iOS 13? iDrive 7 and iOS12.xx has been awful for connectivity for me on my G20.
When I was still at iOS 12.3 my iPhone wouldn't always reconnect to iDrive when getting into our X7. When it wouldn't automatically reconnect I would go into iDrive > Devices and manually select the option to Connect my iPhone. Annoying when you're in a rush to get somewhere and want iDrive to handle phone calls and messages and you use Waze for navigation.

But after installing iOS 13 my iPhone has reconnected every time, not a single failure so far. I'll know for sure if iOS 13 has resolved the reconnection issue after a few weeks of testing but it's looking good. And the improvements to CarPlay are worth the upgrade to iOS 13 alone. There's been lots of debating on this forum about the CarPlay reconnection issues and many feel strongly iDrive is the cause but it may turn out that iOS 13 resolved those issues. Of course more testing is needed so I'll report any connection failures should they occur.

My BMW Genius told me a software update was coming in June to resolve the reconnection issues but I haven't heard back from him since and July is almost here. That said, iDrive needs some refinement and a software update would be welcomed if actually delivers a better experience.