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Originally Posted by LittleJoe View Post
After two days with iOS 13, here are my initial impressions:

- Many refinements (new split-view, Settings, Dark Mode, etc.)
- My iPhone has reconnected EVERY time since installing iOS 13 (about 20 reconnects so far)
- Incoming phone calls still take over the entire screen so if you're running Waze or Google Maps the phone call will hide the map. You must manually tap back into the mapping software you're using.

Some photo...

You rock, LJ. Thanks so much.

Question: When on the Dashboard, do Maps graphics show:

a) Turn-by-turn instructions?
b) Lane guidance?
c) Traffic alerts?
d) 'Direction Of Travel' view?

What I'm trying to get at is whether Dashboard gives the user everything he's used to in that view -or- if it is highly compromised and you don't get those four key elements.

Can you perhaps take a screencap on a route so we can see what "while you're driving and navigation is working" looks like specifically on the Dashboard?