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Originally Posted by Thrangster View Post
Regardless of which 13 beta, there is a design flaw (I presume Apple's) with Wireless CarPlay - when connected this way, the phone largely believes it is connected to a wifi network (which it is) which it then presumes has internet connectivity (which it does not, as its only a closed network to the BMW system itself)

Thus, your iPhone is rendered useless for any internet access (it won't use cellular when connected to wifi (so Mail, web browsing, and third part apps say there is no internet connection.

Clearly, select Apple apps dont see this issue (Music, Mail, Siri searches etc.), so there must be some provision to know to use cellular when connected to a dead-end wifi network. But I cannot, for example, using the streaming Sirius XM app via CarPlay, or on the phone for that matter when connected to the car. I dont use Waze or Google Maps, but I wonder if they are impacted as well.
I use Apple Maps and Waze via CarPlay and they work great. What I don't know for sure if they are getting to the Internet via my iPhones cellular network or the BMW WiFi. I would guess cellular since I did not enable the built-in BMW WiFi for use with iPads and such.