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But isn't your BMW wifi on for CarPlay connectivity - the process is that the connection starts with Bluetooth, and then it auto-negotiates a wifi connection with the car.

Yes, Maps works, as does Music streaming and Messages via CarPlay. But when the phone is connected this way, the phone itself is dead to the internet. See if your phone shows a DIRECTblah blah blah connection listed in Settings>Wifi when you are in the car and CarPlay is active. If so, try to browse with Safari or check mail.

Further, apps like SiriusXM are not working - no internet connection since the phone is connected to a dead-ended wifi point

If wifi is definitely not enabled in your car, then my connection process was very different. I had to turn wifi for in the car, and then follow the wireless carplay connect steps which silently and automatically connected to the BMW wifi access point as part fo the process (uses Bluetooth to commence the connection process and that connection negotiates the Wifi connection with no intervention on your part).
Wait, I'm confused. Can you not access any web content when connected to CarPlay? When I'm connected to CarPlay, my internet connectivity on my phone is fully active. I can stream videos, go to websites, check mail etc etc. I haven't activated the wifi hotspot either.
Most phones are smart enough to fallback to the LTE connection if the wireless network does not have internet.

My iPhone was able to do this while connected the BMW "WiFi Direct" network before activating the hotspot.

I have not experience the no internet issue unless I also had no LTE signal.
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