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Really liking the cerium gray trim, seems I’m in the minority and most want to go the black trim all around. I actually think the cerium looks great, and I like the way it visually distinguishes the “M” version. As much as I love my current look with Msport 50i in carbon black and all blacked out trim, I may actually just go with the cerium trim if I upgrade.

Seriously considering upgrading, asking the dealer for some figures. Main reason is actually to get rid of my captains chairs in the second row in favor of a bench. My three girls will fit just fine there, and Ill get my big trunk back! The extra HP ad “M” extras are nice too. And I can get rid of the trailer hitch I’ll never ever use...

Wondering how big a hit I’m going to take in doing this. My current vehicle has just 1300 miles on it!
2019 X7 50i carbon black, M package, premium, executive, fully loaded, fast as all get out
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