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Originally Posted by TheVazha View Post
Defientely not outdated. It's all the same program, just presented in a prettier way. The way the F85 accelerates/shifts/handles/brakes is far superior to 90% of crap on the roads today. Fact.

And also, the X7 is amazing. Totally a place and time for it. I'd drive one over a GLS 550 all day, and every other competitor is light years behind. Also fact.

But not fair to say the F85 is outdated. If you can afford a X7 "M" you can afford an X5M so I'm assuming you were motivated by size for your family. I respect that. I have a growing family too. But, if you can squeeze into the X5M, you'll find that 98% of the time when you don't have a car full of kids, you're much happier. ��
It’s outdated compared to the G05/07 and most all other competition who have refreshed or completely redesigned their model. Saying “fact” after a paragraph doesn’t actually make it factual. Lol
I prefer for everyone to be comfortable and not have to squeeze. 98% of the time my kids aren’t with me I’ll be driving something else. Even so I’m sure I’ll be more than happy when I’m behind the wheel of my M50i. Again one size does not fit all. We all live different lives and have different needs and wants.