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Originally Posted by SINasTER View Post
If you can't tell the difference between in and under when describing something, someone will point it out for you.

English is my fourth language and I can use proper grammar... Education of BMW owners has really gone down the drain lately ��
Very funny! English is my fifth language for what is worth, yet, I don”t see your point. Where are my grammar problems?
Never thought that I need to be a kindergarten teacher and need to explain all logical steps to my conclusion, but here we go: this truck is based on an X7 vehicle, so what the heck are you saying anyway? Do you have pictures from under this vehicle? With that small bed you think they fit in there the X7 exhaust and the proper spare wheel?
My comment made a generic point anyway and if you pay attention to the text, I am CLEARLY pointing the term SAV. Got it? Please go and read about the BMW SAV lineup.
And once I said “in the trunk” what your English is telling you anyway? Do you need a dictionary? En francais peut-etre?

Please refrain in making comments about BMW owners education, your condescending unjustified attitude is hypocritical to say the least!
Keep it professional anyway. If you have that level of maturity...