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What an abomination. If they want to destroy the X5/X7 reputation by creating a double entendre, by all means. But if they truly want to enter the luxury pickup market, or create one for that matter, they will need to be original instead of hacking the body of an already established SUV. It's been tried several times before, by American truck brands no less, with major failure.
Key point now could be that a large majority of luxury car owners would never buy an American car or truck.

I know tons of people who would spend 90k+ on a Tesla or European car but wouldn't even consider spending 40k on a truck, especially if it's American.
Europe maybe. And California because they thoroughly dislike America and everything American. But the rest of the US? Good luck.

I own an X5M and a Ford Superduty. By the way, a Limited trim Superduty typically costs more than a M car, just FYI.
Quite the generalization there dude. "California hating America and everything American"... I really hope this forum starts using moderators to just delete all the narrow minded name calling and such that is plaguing all the posts supposedly discussing our enthusiasm for our cars
Hey, dislike and hate are two very different words. Unless, of course, you're from California.