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Originally Posted by apexit4 View Post
I think part of the issue with a way forward is that the solution has to appeal to manufacturers participating in the sport (current or future). Hardly any manufacturer's are investing in hydrogen tech for road use (Honda and Toyota are the only one's I am aware of).
Your point about synergies with consumer products is completely valid, but I want to point out that the OP was referring to a hydrogen combustion engine. You may remember, BMW had a prototype 7 Series a decade or so ago with a hydrogen fueled V12 engine. They are no longer investing in the technology, however.

What Toyota, Hyundai, and others (including BMW, in fact) are pursuing is hydrogen fuel cell technology which is completely different. An FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) has much more in common with a BEV (battery electric vehicle) than any vehicle with a combustion engine. In fact, it's really just about creating a "refillable battery". The rest of the vehicle is (or could be in theory be, with more development work) just like the BEV.