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Originally Posted by MrSnoopy View Post
I know I've mentioned it before but just looking to make a move since x5 is almost up .

Found a low msrp 2019 40i msport new . Currently advertised at 12 percent off . Looking to knock off another 2k + add my loyalty to get to 16 percent off. Problem is I'd have to ship it 500 miles and would only do it with base MF. My wife is not keen on the color but for a deal she'd do it.

Is this doable?

One dealership is looking to unload their last one or two x50 2019 at 19 percent off. But that includes the 50i heavy lease cash and of course loyalty. I might bite on the 50i x line but gas mileage doesn't seem that great.

Any input?
Thanks !
I just got a similar deal on a 2020 x7 x40i. 12% off, MSRP, +$1500, +loyalty, +corporate discount (Apple employee), came out to $15k off of $86k msrp.

Granted it's SF Bay area where there's lots of competition, but it was pretty much the exact car I wanted, minimal extra dealer add-ons (only running boards).