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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
Last night, twice I had someone come over and take weights off of my bench that I was going to use for my next set with them knowing full well I was on that bench. The first one with some chick that grabbed a 25lb plate off my bench just as I was getting up from finishing a set. I wanted to throw the other 25lb plate I had on the bench at the back of her head. Especially since there was an empty bench right behind mine that had a 25lb plate there.

Second time last night, I didn't catch who ever it was that took the 10s I was going to use at the incline bench as I had just returned from getting a drink at the water fountain. What the hell is wrong with people?
This happens to me constantly. I honestly don't mind if someone asks if they can grab one. 90% of the time, I'm not about to use it. It's simple politeness. Sadly, I only get asked maybe 5% of the time.

The other thing that kills me are the guys wearing the capri/sweatpants. I live in S. FL, where it's hot as hell for one almost year round, so wear shorts. But man, having on pants that cut-off at mid-shin makes you look like you stole your girl's out of her drawer to wear.

I also am constantly wanting to correct people (mostly older 50+) who I see doing exercises incorrectly, with bad form, or just doing stuff that there's no way it's actually working anything whatsoever.
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