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  1. Dinan Upgrades.
  2. 5,0i Exhaust now available as retrofitting for 3,5i / 3,5d!
  3. No performance upgrades yet? ECU tuning?
  4. Dinan Update
  5. Dinan ugrades
  6. Dose anybody try turbo tuner on X6?
  7. What about this? +70hps and 80lb-ft on E92 335
  8. DMS engine upgrade
  9. What ya know about the Hamman chip?
  10. X6 Aftermarket exhaust
  11. When is Dinan releasing their performance package?
  12. My Remus exhaust...
  13. New factory "Performance Upgrade" for 2010 X6 35i and 50i - boosts hp and tq
  14. i am considiring a tuning ,, !! :D
  15. Anyone uses Twin Turbo Performance Chip?
  16. Dinan Needs 4 X6 50i for final testing
  17. Dinan Seeking 35i Owners for Software Development Testing
  18. Burger Juice Box 3 PNP in X6 3.5
  19. performance upgrade?
  20. Does anyone use a turbo timer or do we even need one for our cars?
  21. UK X6 7RR option (performance upgrade) available?
  22. DYNO results:SinghAutosport FLASH '10 X6 50i 442hp/600lbft (369hp/500lbft)
  23. performance upgrade
  24. Dinan needs X6 5.0's for software (FREE SOFTWARE)
  25. X6 M Exhaust
  26. Factory Power Upgrade Questions
  27. Procede or jb3/flashes?
  28. X6 4.4tt tuning/flash/ecu options
  29. Racing Dynamics ECU TUNE
  30. Golf tee mod / exhaust flapper disable
  31. Exhaust mods in FI engines, backpressure, etc..
  32. Exhaust HP gains?????
  33. Performance Upgrade????
  34. Sending my X6M for prototype Exhaust, intake scoops, and Chip...anyone interested?
  35. any intake kits out yet?
  36. Any one knows how to install grids in the front bumber?
  37. K&N Air Intake Filter Question
  38. Light Mod X6 '10 (Black, 21" 215 Ferric Gray, Black Grill, Remus, SinghAutosports)
  39. Removing resonators, installing X-pipe on wednesday!!
  40. X6 35i Custom Intake
  41. Need Help! Malfuction :(
  42. Anyone using aftermarket exhaust for X6 3.5i yet?
  43. To chip or not to chip ...
  44. teaser pic of my light mods :D
  45. Eisenmann Exhaust X6M/X5M Prototype testing
  46. Whatever happened to Dinan (Morgan Hill...) tune for X6???
  47. X6 burning oil
  48. Newb Question
  49. Anyone with V4 on their x6
  50. xdrive 40d tuning
  51. X6 M Turbo replacement
  52. BMW Performance Upgrade?
  53. Meisterschaft X5M/X6M Exhaust by GTHAUS
  54. Installed the Eisenmann "race" on my X6M
  55. X6M Hartge Exhaust intalled
  56. Hamman center exhaust on E71 pic
  57. MPG after Dinan
  58. Evolve ECU for X6 35D
  59. Supersprint X6M / X5M Exhaust Release!
  60. Supersprint Street Exhaust for the X5M & X6M
  61. Teaser pic of RPI exhaust prototype for X6M
  62. X6M Tune & exhaust
  63. Black Side markers and bumper plugs for X6
  64. Can the X6M Exhaust be retrofitted on to the X6?
  65. *Active Autowerke X6 4.4 Performance Software Upgrade*
  66. exhast for x6 50i
  67. Completed -fully modded 2011 X6M
  68. Bmw performance exhaust???
  69. BMW X6 50i ECU remapping by PowerChip
  70. BMW f10
  71. Jb3 Tune
  72. Dinan Tune
  73. Shop recomendations in Los Angeles
  74. X6 air scoops???
  75. Oh NO! '11 X6 Engine malfunction/power loss
  76. IND installs ESSí prototype E70 X6M/X5M software!
  77. Dinan Engine software boost upgrade
  78. RPI Axle-back Race Exhaust Installed
  79. X6M vs ESS Stage 1 Tune
  80. Lower my X6
  81. .: Active Autowerke X6 Performance Software Now Available :.
  82. Gintani/OE are having a "Tune Special"
  83. BMW 50i ECU
  84. official 5.0i exhaust on 3.5i. is it possible ..?
  85. Impressions: DINAN stage 1 for X6 50
  86. Exhaust modification on E71 35i
  87. Guess what's coming for the X6M?
  88. Anyone try to put on a blow-off valve?
  89. SuperSprint Downpipes
  90. Suspension Setup on 11 X6 5.0i with Adj Suspension
  91. So I bought myself a few extra ponies
  92. Look what Roman sent me :) ESS Software Flash Loader
  93. X6M ESS software another happy customer
  94. X6M with Supersprint Catless Downpipes, Meisterschaft and AA tune
  95. looking for performance parts for 2011 bmw x6m
  96. ignition wire??
  97. Supersprint Catless Headers / OEM rear sound
  98. H&R Spring
  99. X6m lowered
  100. quad tips for X6 35i?
  101. Dinan
  102. X6M vinyl wrap
  103. Anyone have the Dinan Exhaust for X6?
  104. Brake question
  105. X6M Lowering Question
  106. Who is interested in Active Autowerke X6M exhaust?
  107. Anyone making a FMIC anytime soon?
  108. Lutz Performance Introduces - Active Autowerke X5M/X6M Performance Software!
  109. IND Distribution presents the first Akrapovic X5M/X6M exhaust systems in the US!
  110. BMW performance ECU upgrade? Worth it?
  111. First review: Akrapovic exhaust
  112. BMW Performance Body Kit for X6 - Opinions, Options?
  113. Akrapovic exhaust for X6M
  114. Akrapovic Sound with SS catless DP's
  115. 35d power box
  116. Questions about x6m exhaust
  117. help!
  118. Dinan Failed to Finish Upgrade
  119. Cheapest way to get a better sound on X6M
  120. eisenmann exhaust?
  121. Dyno Numbers
  122. Second Review: Catless downpipes & Akrapovic ehxaust
  123. Any ECU tunes for the 5.0 2012.
  124. Only Supersprint Downpipes for x5m..?
  125. 22" Wheels on BMW x6 35D
  126. KW V3 coilovers EDC termination modules?
  127. Whats the difference?
  128. X6 Spacers with Performance Body Kit?
  129. Dinan High Perf Free Flow exhaust install
  130. I Need Help Please
  131. Dinan tune on 2012? Dealer says not yet...
  132. Eisenmann X5M/X6M Black series photos 4x90mm Quad
  133. bmw ecu ??
  134. tune for 2011 n55 8spd 35i?
  135. looking for new quad tip exhaust for X6 50i
  136. Lowering my X6 (loose the nice ride??)
  137. Question about upgrading exhaust tips
  138. H&R Springs install cost estimate
  139. Sound of RPI
  140. Cold air filter
  141. OE tuning for N55 Powered X6
  142. UK BMW X6 30d
  143. Need Help Please
  144. Bmw x6 1/8mille
  145. bypass exhaust?
  146. What Wheels spacers
  147. REVIEW: ESS DirectFlash Tune for X6
  148. JBD for xDrive35d
  149. X5M: Broken Rear Output Shaft
  150. Eisenmann Black series fitted - Power loss
  151. xDrive 50i - ESS DirectFlash vs Dinan Stg1
  152. ESS HP bump with exhaust?
  153. New Release for the S63 Courtesy of Akrapovic
  154. PP Performance stage 4 x6 x5 m
  155. Just ordered Gintani Exhaust and DP and Tune
  156. BMW x6m exhaust
  157. X6M Akra Exhaust with catless downpipe
  158. X6M after market exhaust
  159. What downpipes order???
  160. New to M cars, would like some opinions.
  161. Stock Dyno Results
  162. Aftermarket tire questions
  163. X6 35i Exhaust options?
  164. ECU + Exhaust system for X6 5.0i (Advice needed)
  165. oil temp sensor
  166. Question on changing OEM muffler to Borla Turbo XL?
  167. Just got the Velos Designwerks Tune on my wife's X6 50i
  168. Adding BMW electric steering wheel to my X6M? Wheel was only designed for the 1 and 3
  169. Active Autowerke | X5 & X6 (TT 4.4) Performance Software
  170. Active Autowerke | X5M & X6M Performance Software
  171. Looks what UPS dropped off for my truck today
  172. Blown Transmition
  173. Level Control System Malfunction
  174. Review of ESS tune for X6M
  175. ESS DirectFlash unit VS. Active Autowerke SIMON
  176. X6 50i ESS Tune or GTHAUS ?
  177. Velos Designwerks | Another X6 5.0 Receives our Stage 1 Treatment
  178. Talked with Nathalie from ESS. HHT ordered!!!
  179. Catalyst heat protection.......Remonved???
  180. X6 50i airbox mod
  181. Detailed photos of the Akrapovic X6M Downpipes
  182. question for exhaust sound Meisterschaft GT2 Race VS Eisenmann
  183. QUESTION - Advice needed on Best Intake Scoops & Air Filter Available for bmw x6 35i
  184. Oil change
  185. ECU TUNING - What's the most preferred ECU Tune for N54 engines?
  186. question
  187. ..::PSI::.. X6M gets Supersprint catless downpipes, Meisterschaft & AA Tune!
  188. Shit....!!! Engine failure light on after decatting and remapping.....
  189. Anybody has installed a Eisenmann sport exhaust?
  190. New X6 40d
  191. Renntech or aa tune
  192. Ultimate racing
  193. Had a chance to tune a few 2013 X5M's last week.. here is on of them (
  194. Renntech tune
  195. My BMW X6 35iDrive Eissenman Race Exhaust Mods - Short Takes
  196. Ultimate racing catted down pipes installed
  197. Please advice: JB4 vs Dinan
  198. x5m mid pipe mod
  199. Do Coilovers Void Warranty?
  200. Active Autowerke | X5M / X6M / X 50i 3" Catless Downpipes
  201. 2013 Dinan?
  202. Please advice - is anyway to get discount on Dinan products?
  203. Kw coilovers
  204. Tech quest: 300m style wheels needs hubs rings 2 fit x6 x50i?
  205. cons for being using hub rings in front wheels
  206. Modifications and 1/4 Mile Times
  207. 19" or 20"?
  208. Catalytic converter question X6M
  209. Active Autowerke |N63 Downpipe Dyno Results
  210. X6 tunes
  211. Men's Houston Texans #8 Matt Schaub White Nike NFL Game Jersey8y
  212. Need to install KW V3s on my X5M.
  213. Eisenmann's BMW X6 50i Dual Pipes Exhaust availability
  214. remote torque/hp/tune for x6 50i
  215. Headers for X6
  216. The Definitive BPM Sport X5M (S63) Tune Review
  217. Cobb N55 Tune
  218. 30d vs 40d - clutch, transmission & cooler differences?
  219. x6m exhaust valve
  220. Interest in RIXX Gauge for E7X
  221. What is out there for the N55?
  222. Vorsteiner Exhaust for x5m or x6m
  223. engine light after dp/tune
  224. X6 35i Dinan tune bricked my car
  225. X6 35i Dinan tune bricked my car
  226. x5 35i Chip
  227. x6 50i ESS Chip or Activeautowerke chip ??
  228. Dinan intercoolers
  229. Dinan or Vorsteiner Exhaust for X5M
  230. 2013 X6 35i exhaust
  231. anyone with dinan, ess or aa tune performance numbers?
  232. HP peak gains (X5m Custom Tune)
  233. Chopped Them Off.....
  234. How to make an X6M sound a little louder
  235. Upgraded turbos
  236. X6m
  237. X6m gear and ecu damage
  238. OEM Performance Package??
  239. Wondering about resale
  240. 2011 BMW X6M with Meisterschaft exhaust, H&R Springs, and WeissLicht Halo Lights
  241. Meisterschaft vs Eisenmann
  242. x6M vs X6 5.0i
  243. X6 exhuast question?
  244. Meisterschaft Performance Exhaust Systems for BMW E71 X6 3.5i (N55)
  245. I got velos tune for my x5 50i M sport!!
  246. Kw V3 Noises
  247. exhaust or downpipes?!?!?!
  248. Need review of Eurocharged X5M/X6M tune
  249. Look what came today!
  250. Meisterschaft GT Install Pics and Vid