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  1. Can G20 be custom ordered from Munich?
  2. Pricing?
  3. Buying vs. leasing G20. Can I get some opinions?
  4. M340i Delivery start dates in Canada?
  5. Anyone *in the UK* seen any lease deals for the new 3 series yet?
  6. G20 330i Order Bank opens in the US
  7. Lease price for M340i?
  8. Can I buy an M340d in Europe and bring it to the US?
  9. Who has custom ordered a BMW before?
  10. 2019-2020 BMW 330i and 330i xDrive Pricing Guide and Ordering Guide
  11. Leather dash option?
  12. G20 buying/negotiating advise and tire choice
  13. UK configurator is live
  14. How to recognize a Mexican build by VIN
  15. The 2020 M340i xDrive Starts at $56,995 in the US
  16. U.S. 2019 330i allocations are now available
  17. Would European Delivery be a work-around to get a manual transmission?
  18. G20 US ordering constraints for Mexican production ramp up
  19. When can we place an order for a G20?
  20. I am on a boat! G20s are headed state side
  21. When will M340i configurators be available?
  22. Opening 330i lease rates
  23. 2019 330i US release timeline
  24. Official G20 3 Series Quotes, Pricing and Lease Rates Thread
  25. Will MY19 EOP happen in July?
  26. Too late for any changes - car went into production overnight!
  27. 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 Configurator is Up! Post Your Build
  28. Canadian configurator possibly coming week of 1/13
  29. Canadian 2019 330i xDrive Pricing Guide and Ordering Guide
  30. Canadian G20 configurator is now live
  31. M340i shows up in US ordering system
  32. HEA cars at the port! Update: en route to dealership!
  33. Ordered my G20!
  34. When will BMW Individual options be available?
  35. 330i US Deliveries get the green light!
  36. Greetings from Denmark - Just ordered my first BMW
  37. The 330i lease payment I was quoted on 2/5/19 is laughable
  38. You can now order an M340i!
  39. Anyone take delivery yet?
  40. Do I need the Connected Package Plus/Professional to get Apple CarPlay?
  41. Lease rates in Canada?
  42. M340i configurator when?
  43. M340i Allocations Now Available. Here Are the Exteriors, Interiors, Options, Packages
  44. Who's planning to buy an M340i now and then get the M3 when it comes out?
  45. I want one, but I miss driving an MT
  46. Today, 2/8/2019, is the day the G20 330i is heading to dealerships!
  47. Discount?
  48. All-black M340i kidney grill option?
  49. 2020 M340i and M340i xDrive Pricing Guide and Ordering Guide
  50. The 2019 M340i xDrive Starts at $61,850 in Canada
  51. Possible to do M340i ED in June?
  52. M340i ED starts when?
  53. Canadian 2019 M340i xDrive Pricing Guide and Ordering Guide
  54. UK Pricing for M340i?
  55. Any port installed accessories for 330i or M340i yet?
  56. Ordering a custom build for a lease?
  57. What does "1PL will add 840 to the order" mean?
  58. G20 M340i - UK Pricing?
  59. Canadian Configurator for M340i is up!
  60. M340i Cooling Package contents?
  61. Port installed options list?
  62. Ordered my M340i - Will it come with any M Performance parts?
  63. Why do Laser lights (Executive Package) require the Premium Package?
  64. How do Canadian customers check order status?
  65. Order/Production Timeline for my G20 M Sport
  66. What packages are actually worth ordering?
  67. My VIR shows a charge for 2VF and 316, plus no 4UR in ZPX
  68. What color are the 792M wheels?
  69. Cash vs lease
  70. M340i configurator coming to bmwusa.com soon?
  71. Anything official for M340i European Delivery yet?
  72. Optional M340i High Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
  73. When will Fiona Red/Black leather be available in West-Europe?
  74. Questions about some G20 options
  75. For the 330i in the UK, adaptive dampeners are only bundled with MSport - same in US?
  76. No Convenience Package with M Sport Package?
  77. Boat status?
  78. Price to Pay for Rear Heated Seats
  79. When will the M Performace Exhaust be available for port installation?
  80. Here’s how to configure a 330i xDrive with THP at bmwusa.com
  81. Thus it begins - Ordered an M340i xDrive
  82. Any chance I can trade in my new F30 for a G20 with no penalty?
  83. Drive event & $1000 OL code for new 3er
  84. M-Performance Parts Now Available for US Customers
  85. G20 port install M Performance Parts and options list with part numbers
  86. Ordering Fiona Red Interior?
  87. M340i April Incentive
  88. Track handling, LSD?
  89. What prices are you being quoted for an M340i?
  90. Extended Shadowline trim for NA?
  91. 330i foglight delete option?
  92. Is Lane Departure Warning with Steering Intervention standard equipment?
  93. M340i European Delivery Quotes?
  94. M340i Port Installed Accessories?
  95. Update - M Performance Parts and VPC Wait Times
  96. Ordered an M340i!
  97. ZTK has been added to the configurator on BMWUSA.com
  98. The dealership I bought from has M340i inventory
  99. Ordered one of the first G20 330d to be produced
  100. M340i - Need help deciding between these three colors
  101. What MF rate is everyone getting?
  102. M Performance parts delaying my car at VPC
  103. 10% Off MSRP - 2019 330i or 2020 M340i?
  104. Is Display Key available for the G20?
  105. Canadian Customers: Got an ETA on my M340i
  106. Timeline for build - how long does each stage take?
  107. Is the HUD standard equipment on the M340i?
  108. Has anyone in the US been able to order a 330i with black grills?
  109. Which option includes the upper leather door panel?
  110. BMW Individual Ordering Process?
  111. Is it possible to get a 330i for $600 a month?
  112. Tax credits in Texas
  113. BMW Center Employee Lease now available for M340i
  114. How long from port arrival to being in transit?
  115. The standard LED lights are not adaptive, right?
  116. 10% off *before* incentives?
  117. Understanding how to order an M340i with staggered wheels
  118. New 330e already in German configurator
  119. MSDs - Reduction in Money Factor
  120. Car is built and at port, but still no credit pull
  121. Ordering 792M wheels?
  122. When is G20 production moving to Mexico?
  123. How much time will it take to get the car once I order?
  124. M Performance exhaust port install on 330i?
  125. MY2020 330i changes
  126. Ordering an M340i with Individual upholstery in the US?
  127. Unfamiliar items listed on window sticker
  128. M340 build stuck at "Quality Check" status
  129. Is this a good deal for a 330i demo?
  130. 330e now available to configure on BMW UK website
  131. M340i Ordered: the wait begins
  132. US M340i configurator isn’t displaying any images
  133. Danish dealer said my 330i would have M Sport Suspension but months later, it doesn’t
  134. June rates/incentives?
  135. US M340i configurator picture shows manual shift knob!?
  136. Moving back to the US this summer - where should I go for the best deal on an M340i?
  137. Questions about three items on my M340i’s VIR
  138. Order Tracking Thread - Stages, Dates and Data Points
  139. M340i xDrive order placed
  140. How to get a good deal? % off or X below invoice?
  141. Is Tanzanite Blue II a standard color on the M340i this year in Canada?
  142. Dealership messed up and ordered my M340i without xDrive
  143. Any indication BMWNA will break apart packages and offer more individual options?
  144. Should I get one now before production moves to Mexico?
  145. How do I order “Pencil Striping”/Piping?
  146. Around 4000 new BMWs damaged in hailstorm in Munich on June 10th
  147. Good deal for 2020 330i?
  148. Need help with an M340i xDrive lease
  149. How do I get a good lease deal on a 330i M Sport?
  150. BMWFS Loan Questions
  151. Individual upholstery now available on BMW.de
  152. Just submitted order for my 330e (UK)
  153. Difference between black M Performance kidney grill and Shadowline kidney grill?
  154. Did you purchase BMW Ultimate Care+?
  155. Sign paperwork now or later?
  156. Individual options now available in NA?
  157. Should I add this Wheel and Tire protection?
  158. VIR not showing standard options?
  159. How late in the process can port installed accessories be canceled from an order?
  160. When port installed, the M Performance rear spoiler & front splitter must be bundled?
  161. PCD on 7/15!
  162. Dealer miscalculated sales tax - Do I have any recourse?
  163. How do I order a staggered wheels?
  164. No run-flats with Cooling and High Performance Tire Package?
  165. M340i ordered!
  166. Ordering M340i xDrive tomorrow, need opinions!
  167. Delivery Checklist?
  168. Are the 3 Series made in Mexico priced lower than the ones made in Germany?
  169. Can I order the black M Performance mesh grill for port install in the US?
  170. M340i xDrive Port Installed Parts List
  171. Ordered a custom M340 and signed a lease agreement, what's locked in?
  172. Lease deal on loaner?
  173. Lease Return Questions?
  174. Is this a good deal?
  175. M340i Parking Assistance Package vs Executive Package
  176. Join us for G8x M3/M4 European Delivery
  177. My garage on My BMW down for you?
  178. Cross-referencing Halifax port arrivals with Bremerhaven departures
  179. No high performance runflat in black?
  180. Is $708/mo for a 330i lease a bad deal?
  181. Ordering with sunroof delete?
  182. M340i xDrive configuration and order
  183. My G20 is being held at port due to a recall
  184. Is this the shadowline mesh grill part number?
  185. Issues adding packages to a RWD M340i with the US Configurator
  186. Production Delay
  187. What shipping lines are used to transport G20s to the US?
  188. M340i discounts?
  189. BMW military discount?
  190. 2020 330i held at port for “coordinated launch”
  191. Does the Executive Package include 3D camera view?
  192. Order In!
  193. Can't combine the Cooling and HP Tire Package with the Space-saver Spare Tire
  194. When will 2021 orders begin?
  195. New 330e order, opinions on options requested
  196. M340i Fog lights?
  197. New Track Package for the M340i in Canada
  198. M340xi Order (and new pkg for Canada after July)
  199. Are Driving Assistance and Driving Assistance Professional useful?
  200. BMW not releasing 2020 3 series to dealers?
  201. Have August orders begun production yet?
  202. What does "released to trucking company" mean anyways?
  203. Are auto folding mirrors standard on the 330i in the US?
  204. European Delivery Question
  205. BMW of Louisville (negative experience)
  206. "Accelerate Into Autumn" promotion
  207. Tanzanite M340i RWD Lead-Time?
  208. Historical fall finance rate changes
  209. Finished paperwork and paid but PDI hasn't been done?
  210. No Performance Center deliveries until November 24th?
  211. Am I getting a good deal?
  212. G20 Individual options, will they ever be available in the US?
  213. What do I need to order for port install of the M Performance rear diffuser?
  214. Is it worth waiting for the MY2021 at this point?
  215. Individual Java Green Metallic M340i Order
  216. Am I the only one *not* leasing?
  217. Where it is available, what is the cost of Extended Shadow Line trim for the M340i?
  218. How does the order to delivery process work?
  219. My dealer offered me $600/mo on a 330i with a $46k MSRP
  220. Dilemma: get the color and wheels I want or Driving Assistance Pro?
  221. Should I have the M Performance parts installed at port or after delivery?
  222. Took delivery even though trim was wrong - what can I do?
  223. Picking up my M340i tomorrow!
  224. 320i with options vs modest 330i
  225. "Allstate Complete Protection" from dealer
  226. If I order a car to my specifications, can I negotiate the price?
  227. Is Remote Start available for the M340i?
  228. PCD paperwork question
  229. Waiting on my M340i allocation
  230. When will I get my $1000 discount code from the UDE?
  231. M340i Order - Does ZPX include ZPK or not?
  232. How accurate is "Track My BMW"?
  233. M340i Individual order
  234. What did this 2019 BMW 330i sell for at the Manheim auction?
  235. How do I factor in the Destination and Handling costs in lease calculators?
  236. My new M340i is being trucked from Nova Scotia to Ontario
  237. Delayed production of my M340i?
  238. Taking delivery tomorrow morning!
  239. 2020 M340i xDrive lease, sounds like a good deal?
  240. Ordering Status Code 165?
  241. I loved Performance Center Delivery
  242. 2019 330i Loaner Deal
  243. Sign up for BMW CCA and get a rebate
  244. M340i Black friday deal
  245. Is this a good price for a former 330i xDrive loaner vehicle?
  246. Full coverage auto insurance required on delivery?
  247. Galvanic control and drive recorder not in Canada
  248. Tracking from Port Through VPC?
  249. G21 Touring and M Performance Parts?
  250. Estimates for order close for MY 2020?