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  1. aarti bmw connected
  2. Steering Wheel Radio Controls: US vs UK
  3. Specs to the stock and HK stereo
  4. Apple Carplay (aka IOS in the car) support?
  5. Bluetooth/USB iPhone functionality
  6. Album Art / ALAC
  7. Radar Detector Hardwire Install
  8. My BMW doesn't get along with my ipod.
  9. iPhone 5 compatability
  10. harmon kardon question
  11. trunk opening
  12. Install Backup Camera?
  13. Stock Audio Sound Quality + Requested Aftermarket Mods
  14. Comfort Access
  15. HK Poll
  16. a/c question
  17. BMW Remote for Androids
  18. Harman/Kardon
  19. Power access for radar detector on M235i
  20. BMW Snap In Adapter
  21. Fast Forward / Rewind
  22. Bluetooth to play all outgoing sound
  23. can an admin make the HK issue a sticky
  24. iDrive functionality question
  25. Owner manual
  26. Good iPhone dock anyone?
  27. Stock radio
  28. Command Button Question for Owners
  29. Lock/Unlock beep?
  30. How do you save idrive screens to the hotkeys?
  31. cannot use accessory - iphone music playing error
  32. DVD Movies
  33. Upgrade stock speakers
  34. Anybody going to attempt to disable Active Sound?
  35. Upgrade stock Speakers
  36. M235i Tech Package owner Questions! Y CABLE
  37. Coming for pre-wired satellite radio
  38. Sending navi info to the car
  39. Picture of stock speakers and replacement
  40. Streaming Media Questions
  41. Lookie what I found... part numbers for both audio systems
  42. ProClip Vent Mount & DIY Link
  43. iphone 5 aux static?
  44. Radar Detector
  45. iPod trouble
  46. Steering Wheel Control Question
  47. Music on hard drive?
  48. Watching video off an iPhone
  49. New BMW Apple iPhone Snap-in Adapter Ordered
  50. Phone Update: 2.34 available
  51. Issues with iPhone 5s and iDrive
  52. Users manual
  53. Help with speaker upgrade
  54. Electrical Socket Under Dash
  55. USB ports
  56. does it support flac?
  57. where is my BMW Apps?
  58. Navigation Question
  59. iPhone app for navagation
  60. How is the stock sound system?
  61. How to Import Playlists to HDD?
  62. 2 Series Harmon Kardon PUBLISHED BUILD SPECS
  63. Hands free bluetooth issues!!
  64. Snap-In Adapter Video Streaming
  65. [EU] M235i navigation choice?
  66. annoying steering wheel radio scroll control
  67. a/c always on when starting the vehicle
  68. Bugs so far with iphone and android
  69. Low volume when playing music from iphone
  70. Music volume and Nav instructions
  71. Change mileage data on display
  72. Locking/unlocking when washing car
  73. Voice Control/Tech Package?
  74. Navigation Voice?
  75. album art over bluetooth (iphone)
  76. BMW Remote
  77. air condition settings
  78. Aux ventilation?
  79. OEM Unit have Video In Option?
  80. USB App issue and Snap in Adapter
  81. Adding more bass to the HK system...
  82. Infotainment
  83. Audison system
  84. Difference Between Enhanced USB and Bluetooth with Smartphone Integration and...
  85. Enhanced USB and bluetooth plus Smartphone integration
  86. Installed two 12's in trunk
  87. No Tech Package iPhone 5S Integration - FINALLY!
  88. Transfer idrive data
  89. usb charging issues for iphone in center console.
  90. media of my car not working, please help
  91. iPhone 4 versus iPhone 5s in car usb hookup
  92. TuneIn audio/artwork over BT
  93. Phone snap in device/in car 4g hot spot
  94. Replace LCD panel in the M235
  95. Bluetooth Artist and Song Title Issue
  96. Map updates
  97. How to "Fast Forward Tracks"
  98. 2015 Enhanced USB and Bluetooth plus Smartphone Integration
  99. How to NOT show a change in mode on the LCD screen?
  100. Changing how radio stations are displayed?
  101. white screen of death
  102. does H/K equipped car have a different head unit?
  103. HD Radio reception
  104. Kicker Substation added to HK Audio System
  105. So where is my 1 year free sat radio?
  106. Program/shortcut buttons...share yours
  107. Base HiFi Stereo specs.
  108. Picture of automatic high beam mirror
  109. BMW Assist and Connect
  110. Audio software bug
  111. Using Pandora in M235i without a cell phone?
  112. Ceramic mouse
  113. DVD videos - those that dont have tech pkg
  114. Connection failing / BMW Apps not working but USB audio works?
  115. Does the DVD play blu-ray?
  116. who wants to try?
  117. IDrive - Additional Options/Coding
  118. Odds of BMW Connect app working in background?
  119. How to use the text to voice
  120. ConnectedDrive
  121. iPhone 5 safari bug
  122. Install radar detector without auto-dimming mirror?
  123. Does your Office feature work?
  124. Phone Mount Options in F22
  125. Android BMW Remote Now Available in US Play Market
  126. Sport Displays
  127. Key profile name?
  128. Any way to change navigation route line color?
  129. Full/Split Screen?
  130. CD/Multimedia "random"
  131. Climate control Auto not working
  132. music over bluetooth with IPAD Mini
  133. Music through Iphone Apps via Bluetooth
  134. Can we change the stereo display?
  135. Poor Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  136. Add some more bass...
  137. The preset buttons are touch sensitive
  138. Rear Deck Panel Removal
  139. Installing dashcam
  140. BMW Navigation Package
  141. Active Driving Assistant?
  142. Escort Mute Button with Mirror Tap?
  143. MLB.com Streaming
  144. Calling all march buyers with premium package
  145. Does Connecteddrive come with tech package on 2014 m235i
  146. Does the base stereo have an SD car slot?
  147. Head Unit High Information
  148. Sirius- only one channel?
  149. Connecteddrive question
  150. Animated explanations
  151. BMW Connected / Connected Drive -problems
  152. Spotify + iPhone 5s via USB doesn't display proper song titles
  153. Navdy...HUD
  154. bluetooth failure with new Droid O/S (Verizon)
  155. Y-cable for M235i to lightning
  156. Tire Pressure Reading
  157. Does 2015 technology package include enhanced usb and bluetooth?
  158. Lights on Door Lock
  159. Sirius Activation
  160. Internet Browser in idrive??
  161. modify GPS/Nav...
  162. Restart app everytime....
  163. Navi Screen Layout (tech package)
  164. Software update
  165. Major problems with bluetooth phone connectivity
  166. Amplifier is dead
  167. iPhone 6 / IOS 8 Compatibility
  168. Discounted P3 Vent Gauge?
  169. OTA Navigation Updates?
  170. Radio Turn Off When Shut Off Ignition?
  171. Navigation Questions
  172. Playlists not appearing
  173. Lightning iPhone 5 cable part number?
  174. Turning off the txt reading feature
  175. IDrive Messages disappeared
  176. " Internet Option " Retro Install
  177. New BMW Connected Drive Audioplayer (Android)
  178. How disable the air conditioning to turn automatically on??
  179. Album Artwork and Hard-Drive
  180. Retrofit front pillar speakers
  181. Harman Kardon upgrade, is it possible?
  182. (Need assistance) iDrive took a crap
  183. Navigation issue
  184. iPhone 6 Compatibility
  185. Adding a sub and an amp
  186. Playlists not updating
  187. USB not working
  188. wiring back-up camera for power and ground
  189. Alarm Install
  190. NO SIGNAL on I-Drive Screen?
  191. No technology package/ playing iPhone music
  192. Driver's mirror staying down after reverse
  193. Streaming Pandora from Android Phone?
  194. Tech package, can it be "added"?
  195. MY2015 Bluetooth capabilities
  196. IPhone + ITunes now plays over BT
  197. Radio Favories
  198. M235i P3 Vent Gauge (VIDI)
  199. Climate control temperature sync
  200. Nav Screen Bug
  201. Hidden menu change from C to F
  202. What kind of video files can the in-dash DVD player play?
  203. Location of "COM" box?
  204. M Laptimer
  205. Hard drive for storing music
  206. Lane Passing Detection Information
  207. Shuffle and Repeat settings randomly changing with iPhone?
  208. Can you code for the M-performance screens?
  209. Please help me delete "Saved Trips"!!!
  210. Enhanced USB & Bluetooth Integration
  211. Valentine 1 install.
  212. BMW Routes - any links/info
  213. Center Speaker on Base Hi-Fi audio?
  214. Streaming pandora over BT with iPhone issues
  215. HomeLink: any way to retrofit this?
  216. Reverse Camera - Dynamic lighting / brightness issue?
  217. Sport Display hp/tq measured
  218. Android (Nexus 5) integration & text/calling questions
  219. No tech pkg, how can I listen to podcast thru the speakers??
  220. Send address to Navigation
  221. Snap, Crackle, Pop from stock HiFi stereo w/Bluetooth connection
  222. P3 Cars VIDI Dimmer Hookup
  223. Climate controls
  224. Hi-Fi Speaker Upgrade
  225. Speaker locations
  226. BMW Remote App UPDATED for iPhone Users
  227. DELETE ME
  228. Wireless Charging
  229. need some advice - tech package retrofit
  230. BMW Connected Drive Internet Browser
  231. Siri Integration - Just Discovered We Have It
  232. First world problem: Presets Scroll...
  233. installing dashcam, where to get power? non-autodimming mirror. mirrortap?
  234. Spotify now has FULL iDrive Support!!!!
  235. Ipod 5th gen. Nano connection problems
  236. M Performance Electronic Steering wheel won't turn on
  237. Is HK audio option worth it in the M235i?
  238. Climate Control Not Working Right (I think)
  239. Instrument cluster back-light during the day (speedo / tach)
  240. Remote App issue
  241. iDrive date/time not setting correctly
  242. P3Car Gauge - P0420 code
  243. Bluetooth question
  244. SOS Switch
  245. BTNotificationEnabler Tweak for iPhone
  246. Backup camera failure
  247. Navigation issues with video unlocked
  248. P3 Vent Gauge
  249. unpairing bluetooth phones
  250. Automatic side mirror?